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Night at the Movies 2 Theatre Show Photography

Theatre & Arts

Promotional Materials

Translating the show's magic into captivating marketing materials

MVP Digital are proud to work with a range of theatre production societies and companies along the south coast of England, creating captivating marketing materials for their shows.


Understanding each organisation's unique artistic vision and storytelling style, we craft eye-catching and professional materials that embody the essence of their productions.

We take pride in crafting the visual identity of the theatre show. From it's logo to posters, we work closely with our client to create a cohesive and captivating experience for the audience.


Our goal is to bring the magic of live theatre to life through visually engaging designs that resonate with audiences, inviting them on a mesmerising journey.

Posters and Flyers

Creating a cohesive style across all visual designs

Having professional theatre show posters designed to promote the show is crucial for its success. A well-designed poster not only captures the essence and theme of the production but also grabs the attention of potential audience members.


It serves as a visual representation of the show, enticing people to attend and generating excitement. MVP Digital have worked with clients on a range of professional posters with an aim of building credibility and trust among the audience while establishing a visual identity for the show.


Our posters effectively communicate key information such as dates, venue details and ticket information, while helping to reach a wider audience and maximise attendance.


A thoughtfully designed poster is an invaluable promotional tool that can greatly contribute to the overall success and visibility of a theatre show.

Legally Blonde The Musical Poster
Night at the Movies - The Sequel Theatre Poster
The Wedding Singer Theatre Poster


Pulling the curtain on the creativity through our programmes

MVP Digital excels at creating captivating programmes that provide exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses into successful theatre shows.


Our creative theatre programmes offer an insightful glimpse into behind the scenes that showcase the talented professionals and cast that are responsible for producing these theatre shows.


In addition, we design these programs with the audience in mind, ensuring they are visually captivating and compelling. Our aim is to create programs that not only offer a sneak peek behind the scenes but also serve as cherished souvenir keepsakes, encouraging buyers to hold onto them as memorable mementos.

Promotional Videos and Photography

Capturing the heart of theatre shows through video and photography

We have partnered with various clients to provide a range of promotional videos and captivating dress rehearsal photos. These visual assets play a crucial role in promoting theatre shows.


Videos allow potential audience members to get a glimpse of the production's energy, performances, and overall atmosphere, creating excitement and driving ticket sales.


Photography from dress rehearsals showcases the show's essence, capturing the emotions, costumes, and set design. These professional visuals help build anticipation, generate buzz on social media, and create a lasting impression that encourages people to experience the magic of live theatre.


In the digital age, having high-quality videos and photography is essential for effectively promoting theatre shows and reaching a wider audience.

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