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Various Projects

Graphic Design Project

Designing eye-catching event posters

Designing event posters for The Chichester Inn's Summer BBQ and LGBTQ+ evenings is an exciting opportunity to create vibrant and inclusive visuals that capture the essence of these entertaining events.

A professionally crafted poster conveys credibility and shows that the events are well-organised and worth attending. It can reach a broader audience, leaving a lasting impression and increasing the likelihood of attendance. A custom design allows The Chichester Inn to showcase its identity and brand, building anticipation and excitement among patrons.

Ultimately, investing in high-quality event posters helps create a positive image for the Inn and boosts the success of their Summer BBQs and LGBTQ+ evenings.

Chichester Inn Summer BBQ Poster
Chichester Inn LGBT Meet Up Poster

Graphic Design Project

Branding that appeals to the little ones!

Designing the fun and cute children's logo for the female football club, LadyBugs Football, was a delightful experience.


The logo captures the essence of playfulness and enjoyment, catering specifically to young girls who love the sport.


With vibrant colours and charming design elements, the logo's charm and appeal will resonate with the club's mission to nurture the next generation of talented female athletes.

Ladybugs Football Logo Design
Ladybugs Football Logo Design

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